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Fine chocolate & Unique Varieties

Our range of chocolate is more than 50 different varieties rich. We only use the best imported Belgian and Swiss ingredients for the production of our Fine Chocolate, Exotic Range and Oriental Range, in a state of the art production facilities in Dubai. Our Marketing and R&D are constantly working to develop and produce new varieties for the pleasure of the palate.


Our Fine Chocolate Truffles are imported from France and presented in many packaging options.

Fine Chocolate range:
Our chocolate range includes Milk, dark and white chocolate, with various fillings: Plain, Almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, Croquant, 
Hazelnut cream, Biscuit, Wafer, Truffles, Feuiletine, Crispy.
Exotic range:
Our exotic range includes chocolate varieties unique in taste and 
filling: Orange peel, Lemon peel, Ginger, Caramel, Sesame, 
Cheesecake, Brownie, Strawberry, orange or mint flavour.
Oriental range: 

We have developed a unique and original range of chocolate: Rose

flower flavour, Figs & walnut in chocolate, Halawa in chocolate, 

Raha & biscuit in chocolate, Baklawa in chocolate, Mamoul in chocolate, Whole dates and nuts in chocolate, Date paste and nuts in chocolate, and many more....

Artisanal Chocolate
French Choco Truffles

Those pure delicacies are made in France by one of the finest and oldest French Chocolatier (since 1934). The intense flavour of cocoa and the subtle aromas of our truffles are the result of high expertise and the quality of ingredients used. 

Available in many flavors and varieties:

-With Orange bits
-With Strawberry bits
-With Hazelnut pieces
-With Cocoa beans
-With Tiramisu Flavor
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